Within a radius of 15 km

**** 6 **** SKIING REGION 


Ski area Dachstein West


Skigebiet Dachstein-West25 lifts, 12 chair lifts, 9 lifts
Entire length of the slopes: 140 km
Altitude: to 2,100 m 
Extras:  The ski region Dachstein-West Gosau-Russ Bach Annaberg is located in the heart of Austria and offers a wide range of slopes for the whole family

Ski area KRIPPENSTEIN, Dachstein


Skigebiet Krippenstein2 tows, 1 chair, 3 lifts
Total length of pistes: 13 km
Sea level to 2100 m 
Special features: a "top-secret spot and 
for deep snow fans, met all snow dreams 
and brings up a sweat even rounder

 Ski area LOSER, Altaussee


Schigebiet Loser4 ski lifts, 4 chair lifts 
Total length of pistes: 29 km
Elevation: 800 to 1800 m
Special features: on the sunny high plateau, there is an almost limitless freedom deep snow, the loser - a mountain with a profile, plus Child Care Land with baby

 Ski area Katrinalm, Bad Ischl


Schigebiet Katrin Alm1 cable car and 1 double chair, 3 lifts children
Total length of slopes: 6 km
Altitude: to 1415 m
Extras: untouched winter landscapes turn a deep white winter skiing a real pleasure on a sunny mountain joinery.

Ski area POSTALM, Wolfgangsee


Schigebiet Postalm6 drag lifts, 1 chair 
Total length of pistes: 20 km plus Funarena
Elevation: 1200 to 1900 m
Extras: A tiny ski area
which is completely safe from avalanches.

Ski area FEUERKOGEL, Ebensee


Schigebiet Feuerkogel5 drag lifts, 1 chair, 1 cable car, 1 gondola 
Total slope length: 10.6 km
Altitude: 550 - 1600 m 
Features: Up on the plateau, the Feuerkogel skiers a truly family-friendly ski resort in the heart of Upper Austria.


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